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 What is a hash function?

A cryptographic hash function, in a nutshell, is a mathematical function which computes a kind of "digital fingerprint" of a sequence of bytes. It's always possibile to compute a fingerprint, even for very long or zero-sized byte sequences (try to hash empty strings with Hash'em all!); however, it's not possible to compute the original data from a given fingerprint. If we change the input sequence in just one bit, the resulting hash will be completely different; but one of the most important mathematical properties of hash functions is that it's very, very difficult to find two different sequences of bytes with the same fingerprint. You can try to hash several different strings with Hash'em all! until you find a collision... if you have much, much time to waste :)

This was a very short introduction to hash functions. Googling you will find plenty of detailed informations about them; but a good start may be Wikipedia:
 Why I shall hash something?

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